Online Campus

Welcome to our Online Campus!

We are a community of individuals from all over the world who gather in homes and in online groups to watch Great Bridge Baptist Church's weekly service on the Online Campus.  We also utilize Facebook Groups and during the week to build community, stay connected and grow in our faith.  

Here are the three steps you should take to join our online community:

Step 1: View our services regularly on the Online Campus and engage in our Facebook Group to connect with the broader community during the week.

Step 2: Join an existing online Life Group or start one with friends in your home.  Life Groups are essential to our online ministry!  Additionally, we encourage home groups to watch the service together like a typical church worship service, or online groups can jump on a Facebook Watch Party or use Google Hangouts to watch a service together in real-time.

Step 3: Learn more about the importance of being part of a church family, start to understand your spiritual journey, and explore how to serve God no matter where you live in Discover GBBC. (coming soon)
What is Great Bridge Online?

Facebook Group

Connect with our community during the week.

Life Groups

Join an existing life group or start your own.

Online Campus

Watch our services weekly.

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